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Thursday, February 10, 2011

meet my best friends

Hello readers. blog-ing back! haha! rase macam nak speaking plak en hari ni onigiriemoticon maklum la dah habis skola en. lame tak renew vocab plak tu. ok ok. Back to the title, kalau aku rojak skit boleh en?  Just nak story sikit improvement of my health as I told on latest post. have you read? If not compulsory on you to read it first then you can continue read this post. ok? haha! cam mak nenek dah aku. 

Actually sekarang best friend aku bubur ngan air kosong je. It look sad right? But I have to accept with open heart.

So why deny
Whats in front of your eyes - M.Z
aku sangat suka lagu ni. Hayatilah.

 I rather choose oats porridge then rice porridge. don't no why, but it just kind of its attraction that make my appetite increase.You now. something like strawberry, honey, legume, and so on. So that it will not look " GLOOMY" . Haha!
purely ornamental

And another best friend is plain water. He is beside me now. He say hi! and " don't forget to drink me a lot ! You can meet me everywhere you want ". Enough! do not confoscate my only best friend. ok? chinesegirlemoticon he is very meaningfull to me. both of them. They are the only things I can get back my health with Allah's bless. emo gilerr! 

this is him. but not the 'real' him as I told before.just purely ornamental.

This is not the end but I have another best friend. the real friend. I meet her last year at Perkhemahan Nasional Di Udara (PENARA)  which is under KRS that participated by me. But I don't have her picture now I will work on it as soon as possible. teruskan mengikuti perkembangan blog ni kalau nak tau. ok? chill out babe~

p/s: ulser dah baik! All praises to Allah. syukur Masya-Allah. Alhamdulillah lah.
 nie jela yang aku nak cerita untuk hari ini. Amacam? Best tak kawan aku? Haha!

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